Makro, Metro or Hyperstar?

There was a time when there was just one shopping mall in Lahore that was Pace then HKB and other malls hit Lahore but none of them were on idea of true shopping experience.

Makro, Metro and Hyperstar are “IN” these days, so its time to discuss and time to see which one of them is going to become history and which one gona take market share.

Start with Metro:

– Two Metros in Lahore and strangely both are outside Lahore. One at Thokar and other Near Airport. Always.
– Most of Checkout Counters are always closed.
– Confused Price tags on Shelves, Usually Prices are different than on tags.
– Lifters will always irritate you while shopping.
– Minimum shopping of Rs 2000.  Bad Idea if you want to buy few things for yourself.
– Membership Required – You cannot shop or even enter Metro without piece of plastic.
– Whatever you need buy in bulk (in most cases)
– Poorly managed shelves, if any product is out of stock another product is placed “without” changing Tags and prices on shelves.


– Within People’s Access, Branches are within cities and at prime locations like Link Road Modal Town.
– Minimum Shopping of Rs 500 and can get a membership card easily and can even shop without card.
– Lowest prices of parishable, eatables and other goods as compared to others. I personally found it cheaper.

Carrefour’s Hyperstar:

– Backed by world’s greatest stores chain Carrefour. Operating in every continent of world with Carrefour, Hypermart and Hyperstar brands.
– Pakistan’s Largest Shopping Place soon to be open in Karachi. You will get everything.
– No Shopping Limit No Membership Required. Buy Even a Candy.
– Prices are higher than Makro but cheaper than Metro (In most cases)
– Located at Fortress, an easy access to it as compared to Metro
– You can find lots of imported items there, i expect soon they will introduce their in-house Carrefour products.
– Fastest Checkout counters as compared to Makro and Metro.
– You will find a huge crowd of people at Hypermart on weekends and less people out of them will be there actually for shopping.
– No Minimum Quantity limits on most of the items
– Large number of promotions running than Makro and Metro.
– Just one price for every product, no before and after tax confusion
– Properly managed shelves unlike others Out of Stock Items are mentioned.

Review Based on my own experiences, price comparisons and observations. If you have a different shopping experience with them do share with us.