Mordern Ways of “Begging”

Beggars of modern era are also not behind. Now they are using modern “business” techniques.

I was about u sleep but i got following sms so couldn’t stop myself to come online and write something about these new techniques.

App jo koi bhi ho plz mere is num. 03366717^^^ pe 20 rps send kr do main hospital main musibt man hun plz Allah, rasol k waste mera yakin kro bad main wapis kr don he

Well you might also be familiar with such sms’s and im getting same sms from different numbers since years. Well the shameful part is they (if they are Muslims) are selling their faith for just Rs 20. There are many other tricks of begging through sms like “Today is Warid/Ufone Anniversary Fwd this sms to 828 / 7171 to get free balance of Rs 100” but mostly people don’t notice the date or the start of sms which is usually the balance transfer code. Balance is gone when you fwd such sms’s.

Other tricks are calling people and saying “Your number just won Rs 500,000 in a draw call me back after five minutes for details” since everyone dreams to become rich so people give easily scratch card numbers without confirming anything.

In either case report to call center and they will get their number blocked.

Email is old tool for beggars, they usually trick you using Phishing and now these days begging for charity for Swat victims. Today i got email from a Pakistani named person who was asking for charity and he needed it to be sent to his Paypal (well that was new for me, beggars got Paypal)

Another Advise do not Forward SMS without confirming anything such as false and baseless rumors about Multinational companies (KFC, Lays, Mentos etc).

How to remove meta tag “generator” in Joomla?

Joomla uses following “generator” meta tag in HEAD for identification. You might be interested in removing it for security reasons.

 <meta name=”generator” content=”Joomla! 1.5 – Open Source Content Management” />

In this article you will learn two methods (easy and difficult) so you will be able to change it or simply remove it.

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The (FREE) Secret to Fast Google Listing

You might heard companies claiming

“Get into Google within 7 Days”
“Get Your Site Listed in Google in Just 7 Days, Guaranteed”
“Advanced listing Process” lol

Most of the people get trapped by such websites and companies and waste their money. In fact there is no reality behind such claims and promises. No one can force your website to be listed on Google earlier than usual time. However websites are always listed automatically in Google before any other search engine so why you pay to get listed?

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Welcome to my Personal Blog!

Welcome to my Personal Blog, Im not new into blogging but just created a seperate blog to raise my voice on current issues, share SEO Tips and Tutorials and anything i would like to share.  I have created lots of wordpress blogs as freelancer but today i thought to create my own. Started working on it today and finished same day, because today im off :p

You are always welcome to post comments and share your views.