Port Grand Karachi review

I heard alot about Port Grand so during my recent Karachi visit, I went to Port Grand. Location was very good, but really not impressed with food.

Start from Parking, they forget people will come on Cars, there is no parking place except to Park roadside. To Enter into Port Grand you need to pay Rs300 per person, they will deduct Rs100 for entrance fee and you will get Rs200 prepaid coupons to use anywhere in Port Grand. There are no entry charges for children under 12.

Its not a shopping or entertainment place as claimed, of-course no one will go there to buy CDs.  Just a dining place with very less food outlets which include OPTP, Omore, others I never heard before like Pizzeria (Seems like they got name from Justin Bieber’s video) with no taste of food. Didnt find sea food anywhere. Its not wrong if i say its more a Snacks place than a dining place. There is only ONE desi place in Port Grand decks that is Ghaffar Kabab house with house full.

Hope next time I visit PG  its much more improved. 🙂

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