SOFTHOF Hosting (Hacked)

SOFTHOF Hosting (Hacked)

Few of the company’s websites are hosted with Softhof hosting in Lahore, yesterday their server was hacked by some Pakis (names were written on hacked page) all websites hosted on their server were defaced. I check with reverse ip, they have hosted over 100 websites and most of them showing a defaced page. (see above)

Instead of restoring the backups, they removed the files from the users accounts so they never come to know what happened. I called them today and asked what happened with my company’s websites and i was told there was error in CPanel which is now restored. LOL Nice blaming the CPanel. They also said all the data is safe, knowingly all the websites are not opening.

Softhof is not the only unprofessional hosting companies in Pakistan, most of them even don’t have their own server. Always look for reviews before buying hosting for your web presence.

Sep 22 11:30 PM – My company moved from Softhof by restoring own backup, Bye Bye Softhof, i dont know who recommended them such poor web host.

Sep 23 01:20 AM – There were over 3000 websites hosted on server, hacker posted the whole list here They were Arabic Muslim Hackers

Nov 02 2011 – More than a year later, received an email from Softhof asking me to take down this post which i could but interesting part of the email is as under:

since I am working as SEO Team Leader, I believe every controversy and info piece is just a plus to linked site, no matter what kind of info or content is that

Lets all clap for them …

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