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July 31, 2009 10th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

A system administrator is a professional, who plans, worries, hacks, fixes, pushes, advocates, protects and creates good computer networks, to get you your data, to help you do work — to bring the potential of computing ever closer to reality.

On the Web, importance of Administrator remains same but in true sense its more difficult (unpaid) job, imagine you have to manage something that is continents far away from you. Also its not just ordinary 9-5 Job. Administrator have to watch 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a week. Thousands of people can suffer because of little trouble on server and administrators usually have to sit till morning until everything works smoothly.

Administrator is always worried about server and website’s security, Keeps regular backups in case anything went wrong, Most of the tasks on server are done late night (After 3 AM) when there is low traffic on server. Its not easy to ensure the server is working healthy all the way. Every time have to face something new.

Last but not least, Web Administrator is not getting paid for 24 hours of monitoring or getting any kind of monetary benefit but spending a noticeable amount every month out of his pocket for a good cause.

So if you can read this, thank your admin — and know he is only one of dozens or possibly thousands whose work and “Dedication” brings you the Good Entertainment, Connection with Friends and what else you come for.

“Show your appreciation”

Friday, July 31, 2009, is the 10th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. On this special international day, give your Administrator something that shows that you truly appreciate their hard work and dedication.

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